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Amanda Seales be knowin'


Steward Speakers

2019 Lecture Series “The Year of the Woman”

An Evening with Amanda Seales – February 21, 2019 7:30 p.m.

Who is Amanda Seales? Not just another funny girl, that’s for sure!

Amanda Seales is a comedian, actress, writer, producer and more! Even though she is known for her comedy, she doesn’t just make you laugh, she tackles serious topics such as women’s rights, racism, police brutality, race and equality in America while making them relatable, humorous and interesting.  Through humor, she is an influencer and uses her intellectual wit to educate on many issues.

Have you seen Amanda on the HBO series “Insecure” which influenced her being named by Time Out LA as one of 2017’s top comedians to watch?  Have you checked out her wildly popular Instragram page or her monthly column “Amanda Land” at InStyle Magazine? Or have you tuned in to her scripted comedy, “Get Your Life”, on where she articulately and passionately speaks on sex, politics and modern womanhood?  Well, you won’t want to miss Amanda Seales when she comes to Indianapolis as Steward Speakers celebrates “The Year of the Woman” for our 2019 Lecture Series! 

Just to clarify, Amanda Seale’s is not just “funny”. 

-  Funny?  Yes!  But Amanda Seales is an intellect who has a master’s degree in African American studies from Columbia University!  Maybe that is why she took action when she became frustrated with the constant negative images of black people in media and the overall lack of education in African American history, and she decided to use her humor, her master’s degree and her love of games and music to create the game show, Smart, Funny and Black, that serves as a safe space for the Black voice and celebrates the many contributions Black Americans have made to history, pop culture and more. 

In the series Insecure, Amanda plays Tiffany, the “truth-teller” in a series that details the friendship between modern day black women who deal with their own real-life flaws and their insecurities and they cope with an endless series of uncomfortable everyday experiences in a unique and authentic way.

Her article on “dating” from InStyle Magazine titled “Amanda Seales Rewrites the Relationship Rulebook”, November 16, 2017, has more truths than humor but surely makes you giggle.  Dating today versus dating in the past is very different! 

In her interview with Forbes magazine (July 13, 2018), Amanda discusses her extensive career, the value of her unique journey, trusting your instincts and how black millennials who hope to emulate her success should start by being comfortable with exactly who they are.  Truth!

These are just a few examples of how Amanda Seales keeps audiences laughing, thinking and living in their truth.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear your truth!

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