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Washington, DC - Indy at the Poor People's Campaign

What an awesome time in Washington DC over the Juneteenth Weekend! A full busload of us went to the Poor People's March & Rally addressing poor paying jobs, the high cost of housing and healthcare among other key issues facing America.

My Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Brother - Rev. Dr. William Barber led the charge. I also had the opportunity to chat with a number of other Alpha men during the Rally - the National President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity - Dr. Willis L. Lonzer, III, Rev. Dr. Fredrick Haynes, Dr. Cornel West and Roland Martin. Two other icons that we talked with included: Dr. Julianne Malveaux & Rev. Bernice King (daughter of Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr.). The Rally message: Forward Together, Not One Step Back!

A huge shout out to Rob MacPherson and Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) for sponsoring the bus trip to Washington DC. There were 30 plus youth as part of the delegation. Great Impact!!! THANK YOU!


1 - Roland Martin

2 - Rev Bernice King

3- Dr. Julianne Malveaux

4- Dr. Willis L Lonzer, III

5- Dr. Cornel West

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